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    Welcome to the official website of Huaian Depon Chemical Co., Ltd. !


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    Mainstream manufacturer of anisole with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons
    Gather Talents through Morality, Develop through Technology






    Gather Talents through Morality, Develop through Technology
    1. Our achievements are attributed to the creative work of all employees. We are committed to creating a mutually trusting and understanding work environment and providing a satisfactory income for our employees, and strive to create an open and harmonious system internally. We value the team, treat our partners well, and expect those who have both ability and political integrity to do their part and assign responsibility.
    2. Our business performance comes from the choices made by our customers and suppliers. Honest and trustworthy, creating value for customers is our core business philosophy. We have always believed that only by providing customers with excellent products, good service and transparent prices, the company can continue to operate.
    3. Social support is the foundation for the development and growth of enterprises. We abide by national laws and regulations, pay taxes according to regulations, assume social responsibilities, love and grateful to society, and strive to become a public citizen who is respected by the public.
    4. Technological innovation and thinking innovation are the source of improving the core competitiveness of enterprises. We cannot proudly look back on the successes we have achieved in the past, but to see what will lead to the decline of our future, to maintain the hunger and flexibility of learning.
    5. Protecting the environment and safe production is a symbol of technological progress and a prerequisite for all work in the enterprise. Rational use of resources and cherish the living environment of human beings. Innovate the corporate safety culture and fully embody the safety concept of “caring for people, respecting people and protecting people”. Both safety and environmental protection will continue throughout our work and life.


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