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    The agency focused on investigating electronic chemical and pharmaceutical biology last week.

    In the electronics industry, 12 of the 23 electronics industries surveyed disclosed the results of the first three quarters. Judging from the type of notice, 5 pre-increased, 2 continued to increase, 3 slightly increased, 1 first loss, and 1 slightly reduced. Among them, Dazu Laser expects the net profit change range of the first three quarters to be 1.393 billion yuan to 1.582 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 120% to 150%. Han's Laser announced that the company's performance growth was mainly due to strong demand for consumer electronics, new energy, high-power and PCB equipment. The company's product orders increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

    12 companies surveyed in the electronics industry forecast the first three quarters: in the chemical industry, Shanghai Securities analyst Shao Rui pointed out in his September 19 industry research report that "the chemical industry is not only used in traditional industries, Emerging fields such as new materials are also indispensable. In the past, many high-tech industries were monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises. With the advancement of domestic technology, the downstream of emerging industries gradually shifting to domestic markets and mergers and acquisitions, etc. The field of new materials is developing rapidly. Investors can lay out industries with strong performance certainty. TFT, adhesives, printing consumables, ceramic materials, lithium battery materials, functional films, etc. all have layout value."

    In terms of individual stocks, Gao Xinxing had a total of 49 hospitality institutions last week, ranking first; Xinhecheng received 46 institutions and ranked second; Nasdaq was ranked 37th by 37 institutions. At the high-rise research meeting, the relevant person in charge revealed that the company and Huawei are cooperating in some businesses and signed a cooperation agreement. Huawei is very recognized by the company's three-dimensional cloud defense system. At present, the three-dimensional cloud defense system has been used in some parts with Huawei. In the cooperation project. In addition, for the future development plan of the Internet of Vehicles business, the relevant person in charge of the high-elevation industry pointed out that the Internet of Vehicles is an area in which the development of the Internet of Things is relatively mature, the market is relatively large, and the profit model is relatively clear. Gao Xinxing will mainly use hardware as a carrier and a software platform. The business prospects will be very impressive.

    From the perspective of the types of research institutions, brokerages have the strongest research interest, and participated in the investigation of 108 companies; public funds participated in the investigation of 58 companies, which ranked later; Sunshine Private Equity participated in the investigation of 51 companies, ranking third; overseas institutions and insurance companies respectively Participated in the investigation of 31 and 33 listed companies.

    From the perspective of specific institutions, the private equity investment in Star Stone investigated the fresh environment, and the investment in the investigation of Xinhecheng, the thousand joint ventures investigated the Chinese media holdings, supply and marketing, and Chongyang invested in the research of Goldwind, Wenshi, and New Hecheng, Zhuque Investment researched Jingrui shares, Xinshida; public funds, Boss researched Nasida, Gaoxin, Guangwei composite materials, Huitianfu researched the Tongtong technology, Guangwei composite materials, Jiashi research Huayi Brothers, Salt Lake shares, Yi Fangda investigated Wen's shares, Gao Xinxing, Hangzhou Bank; overseas institutions, Abu Dhabi Investment Bureau investigated BOE A, Rongzhilian, Allianz Investment investigated Helitai, Zhongbai Group Deutsche Securities surveyed Kstar, Xinwangda, Morgan Stanley surveyed Xinwangda, Ou Pai home, Hao Laike, the Norwegian Central Bank investigated GEM, and Jenweng, and Nomura Securities investigated Goldwind Xinwangda, Credit Suisse researched the European home, good Lai Ke.


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